With exam week right around the corner, students at Maclay upper school are working hard to get prepared. Typically the Friday before exam week is hectic and filled with lots of studying for Maclay upper school students. On Friday, Dec. 10, however, Maclay upper school Student Council had a different idea in mind for how students should spend their night. Around 5 o’clock on Friday, Maclay upper school Student Council set up for the first ever Holiday Movie Night inside Langford Hall in an attempt to relieve some of the upcoming pressure of exam week. 

Upper school students were able to enjoy all the snacks and drinks for just 10 dollars while they watched an all-time favorite Christmas movie “Elf.” Langford Hall was also transformed into a movie theater for the night, but with no admission fee and a great deal on snacks such as Chick-fil-A, hot chocolate, popcorn and cotton candy.

“Student Council has been planning this event for about a month now, and we are excited to host the first ever Holiday Movie Night at Maclay,” Secretary Isabel McDaniel said.

Since exams cause so much stress, Maclay upper school Student Council wanted to find a solution for this issue. By creating a Holiday Movie night, it gave students a chance to take a break from studying and spend time with others. Even though the turnout was not as big as expected, students who attended were thankful that this event occurred. 

“Getting to hangout with my friends, watch my favorite Christmas movie and eat treats was an opportunity I just could not pass up,” junior and attendee Peyton Naylor said. “This event took my mind off of the hassle of exam week and gave me something to do other than studying.” 

Maclay upper school Student Council is led by president Ryan Daunt and co-sponsors Heather Bas and Paul Berk. The organization puts efforts towards encouraging school spirit and connections through particular events such as school dances and exam relief days. There are representatives from each upper school class that attend meetings weekly to discuss ideas for the future of Maclay upper school. 

After organizing this event, Maclay Student Council hopes to pursue more events like this in the future that will contribute to the overall goal of exam stress relief.  

“We thought about doing a winter dance, but it seemed like too much when it came down to exam stress relief,” Bas said. “This event was designed to be low-key and simply something fun students could come and enjoy before preparing for exams.”