As people around the world ring in the new year, it is typically followed by a set of personal resolutions or goals. People make new resolutions every year in an attempt to redefine and improve their lives. While most people think making New Year’s resolutions is a silly and temporary idea that people will not follow through with, here is a list of five helpful resolutions for people to start a new year with. 

  1. Having Healthier Habits 

One popular New Year’s resolution that many people decide to take on is to start a diet or to eat healthier food. Many people are opposed to this endeavor because people never seem to follow through, or they only do it for a weight loss journey. However, eating healthier can help your body in a variety of ways. Trying new and healthier food can act as a supplement for unhealthy foods and will not only make you feel better as a person, but can also give you more energy as well as an attainable lifestyle. Something as simple as starting healthy habits can lead to better skin care, exercise and a more positive attitude. More often than not, healthier resolutions can be unsustainable and constraining on a person’s food choice, leading most people to break theirs in a matter of weeks. It is important to break away from those habits and start eating healthier to have an improved lifestyle that will benefit you in the long run. 

2.  Being More of A Social Butterfly 

Setting a goal to be more social for the new year is a simple way that can help people to step out of their comfort zone. Setting a personal goal to be more social will help people make new friends that they would have otherwise not made in the previous year. Many people can be very shy, so making an effort to meet people can help someone form new bonds and relationships that can last a lifetime. Setting a resolution to be more social does not only have to be about trying to meet new people either. Having a more social personality can include traveling to new places or trying a variety of new things that has never been done before. Getting out and socializing is a good way for people to experience new opportunities, meet new people, find new and interesting activities and learn skills or qualities about someone or yourself that you would have never known. 

3. Prioritizing Your Mental Health

With all the stress that takes place in people’s lives, it is apparent that many realize how important it is to prioritize mental health. Taking even the smallest amount of time out of your day to focus on yourself and your health can create many long lasting benefits in the future. When people neglect their mental health and feel it is not important, a series of negative attitudes, trauma, bad behaviors and poor hygiene can consume people. Making a goal to have specific self-care activities as simple as meditating, going to therapy, exercising or doing personal things that make your mind and body relax can have such a positive reflection on what people wish to achieve. By taking smaller steps towards a goal, there is a greater chance that people will be able to keep and follow through with this resolution. 

4. Keeping Good Time Management and Organizational Skills

Within the busy everyday schedules of school, extra curricular activities, family and jobs, it is very easy for people to have a bad sense of time management and organization within their lives. Setting a new ambition that contributes to a good schedule can increase a person’s time management drastically. Planning out a simple daily routine to complete tasks or creating an organizational system that works best for you is an easy way to make sure that you are keeping good time management and organization. This can come in a matter of different ways that include making lists, breaking down bigger goals, scheduling time for certain activities or managing your stress. Procrastinating and creating a messy environment can only contribute negatively to everyday life. The more organizized a person is, the more productive they will become in their daily routine and future. 

5. Spending More Time with Friends and Family

With the COVID pandemic, it is crucial that people are taking advantage of spending more time with their friends and family. Many of those opportunities were taken away, and in these safer times, it is important that people are making the time to spend it with the people they love. Spending time with friends and family is such an easy resolution that should be prioritized every year. While some friends and family live in far places, traveling to see them and spending time with them is worth the effort, as not everyday is guaranteed. Being with the people you love can create new and strong bonds, happier and positive attitudes and better mental health. While seeming like an unimportant New Year’s resolution, making sure to be with your family not only during the holidays, but year round is an important goal in the lives of many people. 


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