At Maclay, there is only a girls’ volleyball team. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, however, this status quo switched up as the Marauder girls volleyball team held a “Broball” tournament. Broball is an opportunity for the guys from the Maclay upper school to play volleyball. The teams of boys were divided by grade level, with each team wearing a specialized shirt excluding the seniors. To start the tournament off, the juniors played the sophomores and seniors played the freshmen. The seniors won the overall tournament. 

In the first game, the juniors went up against the sophomores. The sophomores made some mistakes against the juniors, with the juniors making few mistakes themselves. Because of their tough opponent, whenever the sophomores would score a point, they would rush the court and celebrate in excitement. Sophomore Bradley Carnes stood out as the sophomore’s MVP because of his height, which allowed him to get under the ball and smack it right over the seven foot net. His height was not enough to beat the juniors, however. The juniors  and sophomores played two rounds to 25 points, with the juniors winning both sets and moving onto the championship. 

“Volleyball is fun,”  sophomore Owen Miller said. “I have always played volleyball since I was little.”

In the first set of seniors vs. freshmen, the seniors dominated. Once the freshmen got the hang of the game, however, they began putting up many more points on the scoreboard. Taking after the sophomores, when the freshmen scored a point, they would rush the court and get hyped up for the next play. Freshman Zeke Podgorski was a star player for the freshman team. Like Carnes, his height was a major advantage for the team. Being six foot and three inches, he could block the ball for his team easily, and also spike it down on the seniors. Even though the second round was close in the end, the seniors won by a hair, making it to the championship. Although the freshmen did not make it to the championship, they got to play a consolation round against the sophomores. The sophomores quickly fell apart, allowing the younger grade to win third place. 

“I wanted to help my grade win a sport,” Podgorski said. “I did my best at spiking the ball and helping my team win.”

In the final round of Broball, the juniors faced the seniors. The seniors had a few soccer players out on the court playing volleyball. If these seniors could not get to the ball fast enough with their hands, they would resort to kicking the ball over the net. In response, the juniors made some powerful hits, but the seniors would make powerful spikes back. The game was close in the end, but it was the seniors who won the Broball championship. 

“I think we did really good,” senior Ethan Hovsapian said. “It feels good to win, especially since we lost powderpuff.” 


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