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**Spoiler Alert**

With online dating becoming a popular trend for young adults over the years, the feeling of finding “perfect love” is something people desperately strive for. This strong desire is exactly what actress Nina Dobrev tries to convey through her character in one of Netflix’s latest Christmas movies: “Love Hard.” Dobrev plays the main character, Natalie Bauer, who after joining the world of online dating attempts to find her perfect match. After being released on Nov. 5, “Love Hard” has shown its growing popularity by earning number one on the Netflix trending list. The standards were high when director Hernán Jiménez promoted the new film starring Dobrev, but the film exceeded its expectations. 

One of the movie’s best attributes is its humor. Along with Nina Dovrev, the cast includes popular stars such as Darren Barnet, Jimmy O. Yang and Takayo Fischer. These actors and their characters performed outstandingly well together and left the audience wanting more. The humor that these characters were able to bring to the table brought the whole movie together and added a nice touch since this film fits mainly in the romantic genre. Without the humor, the movie would not have had the same effect on the audience, as it was the humor that made the whole idea of “romantic dating” feel more realistic for the newer, younger generations. 

Not only was the humor sufficient, but so was the acting that went along with it. For being a seemingly cheesy romantic film, this movie was able to pull off a decent acting job. Some of the side characters’ acting, including Harry Shum Jr. who played Owen Lin, did lack at times, which became distracting. Even when this happened, however, the main characters were able to bring the attention of the audience back. The bond that these characters share due to the chemistry of the actors made the movie enjoyable and satisfying to watch. With the experience that all these cast members have had in previous shows and movies, they were able to work together in this film and create a magical movie for the audience.  

Jiménez’s focal point in “Love Hard” is the new experiences that emerged in society for teenagers and young adults. Due to the superb acting and humor, his idea for the plot was successfully fulfilled. The plot for this movie is unlike any plot that the audience has experienced before, and no movie seems to portray the same ideas as this film. When Natalie swipes right on a dating app for who she believes is her perfect partner, she shortly finds out that this individual is not who he truly says he is. This individual hides behind the pictures and fakes his identity, leading Natalie into thinking he is someone he is not, which in this generation is called “catfishing.” While catfishing is a common theme seen in real life, it is not a typical topic discussed in movies. This movie is different from most movies because when someone is confronted for catfishing, they are usually abandoned by their match. This is not the case in this movie, as Natalie actually ends up with her catfish since he opens up and expresses his love to her. The lesson learned is that if an individual embraces their true identity no matter how they look, that individual will be recognized. This spin on the catfishing is very unique and allows the film to leave an impression on the audience. 

Needless to say, “Love Hard” is going to be a hit this holiday season. Through the stellar acting, hysterical humor and mysterious plot, Dobrev and her fellow cast members left the audience with a magical movie that will leave them wanting a sequel next holiday season.

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