With constant cold fronts coming in and allergy season on its way as well, people all around the world are starting to get sicker than usual. It’s not just any type of sickness though; it’s the flu. In normal years, many people would end up having natural immunity to the flu because they would have gotten sick the previous year. With COVID-19 peeking last year, however, everyone was very cautious about social distancing, wearing masks and washing their hands. Because of this, many people did not end up getting the flu last flu season, which has now resulted in a serious flu outbreak.

With the flu spreading rapidly this year, one way to avoid getting sick is to get the flu vaccine. When getting the vaccine, people are 40-60% less likely to get the flu. Because so few people didn’t get sick last year, medical personnel are advising people that it is extra important to get the flu shot this year.

“You can help prevent getting the flu by getting vaccinated and by good hand hygiene,” Maclay Nurse Nancy Teems said. “Right now, I know it’s very unpopular, but wear your mask.”

In Tallahassee, there are about 25-50 new cases of the flu every day in universities. The FSU football team had about 25 players missing against NC State due to them being sick with the flu. Flu mostly spreads when a person with its germs coughs or sneezes. People are not being as cautious anymore about social distancing or wearing masks, which is a huge factor in the intense spread of the flu this year.

“To try to prevent the flu, I am going to wash my hands extra and carry hand sanitizer,” sophomore Samantha Lee said. “If I start to feel sick, I will stay home and take some meds.”

Good ways to prevent the flu are by staying home if any symptoms of the flu are present, covering the mouth when coughing, washing hands regularly and avoiding touching one’s face. 

“I am going to prevent myself from getting the flu by wearing my mask when I need to and making sure I am staying in good health,” freshman Carson Conway said. “I am also going to stay a good distance away from people so I do not get myself or others sick.”


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