On Friday, Nov. 12, the Maclay Marauders went up against the Lincoln Trojans in a varsity soccer game. The boys traveled to the Lincoln territory, hoping to win their second away game of the season. However, the Marauders could not score on the Trojans and lost 2-0. This was the boys’ first loss in the regular season in two years. 

When the game began, both teams retained possession evenly. The Marauders would get close to the Trojan’s  goal, to which the Trojan’s defense would take the ball away and get it close to the Marauder’s goal. There were very few shots from both sides, and with 20 minutes left, water break was called. By this time, neither team had scored.

“We fought well,” senior captain Ryan Daunt said. “I’m definitely proud. I mean the result is not what we wanted, but it’s a good milestone and building block. I liked our intensity.” 

After the boys came back on the field from their water break, the ball once again was getting kicked back-and-forth on the field without a goal. This time, however, the Trojan offense kept taking the ball away from the Marauders, attempting to score. Senior Noah Greenstein fouled Lincoln outside of the box, which allowed Lincoln player Kyle Spratt to score off a free kick for the Trojans. Just as the wall got set up by Maclay, Spratt bent the ball right over the wall into the bottom left corner, giving the Lincoln Trojans the lead with a score of 1-0.

“We definitely picked up in the second half,” junior James David Milford said. “We did not capitalize on all opportunities, but we worked hard in the second half and made up for what we should have done in the first half.”

With the Trojans in the lead, the Marauder defense tried to fight back. Early in the second half, Lincoln keeper punted the ball over the Marauder defense and Lincoln player Camden Shields scored. As the ball bounced, goalie Eli Paddack ran out of the box to try and stop Lincoln from scoring, but Shields was able to flick it over Paddack’s head. The game ended with the Maclay Marauders not making a goal. Maclay’s record is now one win, one tie and one loss. The final game concluded 2-0 with the Trojans ending Maclay’s two year regular season undefeated record. 

“It is their team,” Head Coach Andy Warner said. “ They got to take pride in their performance and pride in their teammates. They represent the school, and therefore we expect them to go out there and play to the best of their abilities.”


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