As the lights dimmed, a special corner of the Webster gym lit up as the Maclay volleyball team’s seniors walked onto the court to thunderous applause. First was Kate Krizner, then Sophia Dalton and finally Briana Tanton, who all walked out ready to take photos and play their last seasonal game of their highschool careers. On Oct. 4, the Lady Marauders faced the Lincoln Trojans and won with a score of 3-0.

“The seniors earned that win,” Coach Daijah Washington said. “They put in a lot of sweat, tears, effort and time. Tonight was much more than volleyball, with the atmosphere and the festivities contributing.”

Maclay won the first set with a score of 25 to 9. Krizner had several amazing kills, as well as many blocks. Tanton and Dalton also scored, with Dalton on some spikes and Tanton with some serves.

“I was super nervous at first, but I’m really excited that we won,” senior outside Dalton said. “We got swept by Lincoln before, so we really wanted to beat them this time. Plus, [we had] the home court advantage and it being senior night helped out.”

The second set ended with a score of 25 to 15 with the Marauders winning yet again. Junior Rivers Bond defended with many digs, winning many rallies for the Marauders. Sophomore Amelia Haggins also had many quick kills.

“I’m very proud of the team and really happy to be here,” senior setter Brianna Tanton said. “The students also played a pretty big role by showing up and cheering us on. It really helps us out a lot.”

The Marauders also finished the final set with a score of 25 to 15. The final set was the most intense, with Lincoln still wanting the win and keeping up with the Lady Marauders at the beginning of the set.

“This was the best game we’ve ever played,” senior middle blocker Krizner said. “It was really personal for us to win. We knew we had to beat them, knowing its senior night as well.” 

The night ended with special excitement as Dalton scored the final point, winning the game and allowing the seniors to finish out the night.


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