Whether buying a variety of clothes or looking for personal items, shopping is an activity most people enjoy. Shopping online or shopping in person both allow people to purchase different materials and items they love. However, with the Covid-19 virus, online shopping has become more popular than ever. Many people are scared to go back to shopping in person, so as a result, the trend to shop online has increased. As things are moving in more of a virtual direction, the process for shopping online is more convenient, has more variety and offers better prices. 

For a majority of people, the most beneficial reason for online shopping is convenience. People can enjoy the comfort of shopping from any place and any time they choose. It allows people to shop in a matter of minutes and not have to worry about the long lines and crowds of people inside of a store. Shopping online also gives people the opportunity to browse the latest sales all at once rather than pushing through racks. The hassle of driving to a store can be saved by simply logging into a website or brand on any electronic device.

As most people know, many stores are only open during the day for a set amount of hours each week. When shopping online, everyone has the ability to access those websites at any time for however long they desire. Most people have plans or prior commitments during the day, so having the use of an online website 24/7 saves time and is easier for almost everyone. 

As well as being convenient, online shopping offers more variety. When looking at a website, there are thousands of products and different manufacturers included for people to purchase. Finding any brand or item immediately becomes easier and provides hundreds of options to choose from. Shopping in stores does not automatically mean that a specific product will always be there, so having the choice to look for it online puts people at a higher chance of finding it. 

While there are only certain products in stock at a store, online shopping offers almost every choice of brand, color and size. According to AccountLearning, buyers are able to choose from a variety of models after comparing the finish, features and price of the products on display. Because online websites do not have to deal with the problems of warehouses and space constraints, it is not a surprise that online stores have a larger stock of products versus physical locations. 

While online and in-person shopping offer the same products, most online shopping websites offer better prices. Many of the websites  have numerous coupon and reward opportunities for each item people wish to purchase. Cheaper deals and discounts are almost always available, making it more likely for people to buy their products. As stated by the Balance, saving money online is even more true when people combine it with no tax charges, coupons, special deals and free shipping. 

When people think of online shopping, it is most often perceived as unreliable websites with risks of scams and shipping delays. However, the advantages of online shopping outweigh the disadvantages. Shopping online allows people to purchase things from the comfort of their own home at their own leisure. The constant time of standing in line and being surrounded by crowds of people are saved by shopping virtually. And with the rapid growth of technology over the past few years, the process of doing things online has become much more widespread. Because the internet offers a wider and more plentiful range of products, the advantages of shopping in an online setting are much more enjoyable for customers. With all of the numerous benefits, more and more people are starting to shop online and prefer this convenient process versus shopping in stores.


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