If you love the thrill and excitement of being jump scared and chased around by clowns, then Halloween Horror Nights is the perfect place. Halloween Horror Nights takes place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Starting late at night, the scare actors dress up in creepy costumes and makeup and walk around and scaring people with their numerous weapons and props. Halloween Horror Nights also has 10 haunted houses with different themes. While all 10 feature terrifying jump scares and spooky atmospheres, five stood out among the rest. The top five houses of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights were the Haunting of Hill House, Beetlejuice, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and Captured.

5. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

The second you walk through this house, it’s like walking through a children’s story book. There are many jump scares, but the rest of the house doesn’t fit its beginning, however. Guests might find it hard to keep track of what is going on. The house also isn’t set up nearly as good as the others higher on this list. What really makes this house are the actors and truly frightening scenes. Although this is probably the least frightening house on this list, it still supplied enough scares to earn it a spot.

4. Beetlejuice

As the name implies, this haunted house was based on the popular movie “Beetlejuice.” The first thing you see is Beetlejuice himself welcoming you into the haunted house. You then keep on walking through a spinning path, which makes you feel like you are entering another dimension and are not in the real world anymore. After that, guests walk through the rest of the house and are truly put inside the movie. The actors dressed as characters and creepy images from the movie pop out and scare the guests as they traverse the Netherworld and the Deetz’s house. Not only will this house satisfy any “Beetlejuice” fan, but it also supplies many good scares for being based on a horror comedy.

3. The Haunting of Hill House

Based on the Netflix show of the same name, this house requires the guest to have knowledge about the series, or else the story and settings will come across as confusing. Overall however, the house was set up nicely and had great scares as well. What really makes this house scary is when it becomes pitch black in the middle of the house. Guests walk through a hallway without seeing a thing, which really ups the creep factor. At the end, an actor comes out and gives an enormous jump scare. Throughout the house, guests can be heard screaming from fear and trying to get to safety, whether they’ve seen the show or not.

2. Captured

If you have a huge fear of clowns, then this house might not be for you. Throughout the haunted house, there are intense scares and spooky sets and environments. The jump scares are very well done, and the costumes are amazing. With the tons of different creepy looking clowns running about, even those who don’t have clowns as their biggest fear will be left crying by the end.

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Because of Covid, many of the houses had plexiglass to prevent the actors from coming too close to you. This house, however, had an exception. Literally the first thing that happens when you walk through the entrance of the house is a horrifying figure coming at you with a chainsaw, instantly scaring any unexpecting visitors. Right off the bat, the guest has a sense of fear and worry, while having to walk through the rest of the house. What follows is multiple instances of  creepy noises, chainsaws and jump scares inches away from your face. The house is set up extremely well, and the electronics used look extraordinarily real. By the end of the house, people are left shaken and rushing for the exit.