When you feel like you need to make a change in your lifestyle and eating habits, what do you do? For many people, the answer is to start a new diet and become an overall healthier person. Doing so takes heavy commitment, but the pay off in the end is what really matters. The issue is, what would you be missing out on along the way? These questions and attributes towards diet culture result in the practice having both good and bad components. Ultimately, while diet culture has its drawbacks, the health benefits outweigh the negative aspects. 

Starting a new diet to become healthy creates new opportunities to better yourself both mentally and physically. People often get the idea that diets make you look better or appear healthier to others, and while this is true, the internal benefits from a healthy diet are much deeper and more impactful.

According to the CDC, the process of a healthy diet can help reduce major health risks including heart disease, obesity and other serious diseases such as cancer. This single factor of dieting already is a good reason to start, but there are many more benefits to the process. Aside from reducing dangerous bodily risks, dieting directly affects your brain and mental health, as eating unhealthy or constantly eating cheat meals can lead to extra anxiety. With this in mind, diets help to steer you away from sugary or processed food and lean towards healthier food like fruit and vegetables.

Even though the impact of a diet on overall health is extremely important, the best reason to begin dieting is the satisfactory end result. The finish of all the hard work and dedication put into this completely new lifestyle has got to be the one of most satisfying feelings a person could ever experience. The new and healthy person that emerges after the diet makes everything worth it. Being able to both feel and look good are some of the most important aspects of life, and the end result of eating healthy does just that. 

The fantastic benefits of eating healthy and being on a diet may seem like an immediate win to most people, but there are actually many reasons why diet culture is not the best experience.

First of all, eating food that tastes good can be one of the best moments someone could have. In fact, foods like chocolate can actually make a person happier, but being on a diet takes away this experience. Following a healthy diet usually means reducing sugar intake and taking in less carbs. These restrictions mean missing out on the delicious desserts and amazing junk entrees that are almost too good to pass up. 

Another flaw in the process of dieting is the extra stress of actually following the correct steps of the diet. Going by every little detail that the diet contains can be very restrictive. Having to stick to your diet when you just want to eat a snack or are starving can cause stress and annoyance. This frustration often leads to β€œcheat meals,” which is when you eat things that are not at all a part of your diet. 

All in all, diet culture is a neutral experience filled with highs and lows. The people who are truly a part of diet culture should definitely be respected for their commitment, although it’s hard to deny the fact that they are missing out on fun eating experiences. While being healthy is the most crucial and dieting is overall the best choice, the ideal way to participate in diet culture is to do your best and not stress yourself out by strictly sticking to the rules. 


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