As the month of October rolls around, students on campus are beginning to think about their future plans for homecoming. This time of year calls for new dresses, slick suits, fancy hairstyles and most importantly, fun and creative homecoming proposal signs. While homecoming may encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and ask a date to the dance, this fun experience can bring many nerves. Lots of pressure can come from making a catchy sign and finding a date. Although proposing can induce some butterflies, these students have embraced this time of year and are excited about the upcoming dance.

To start off the proposals for the year, freshman Ryder Marks asked freshman Gray Burleson to homecoming, referencing one of her favorite stores, Lululemon.

 “I knew I wanted to ask someone, and she was the one who came to mind,” Marks said. “We have been friends for a long time.” 

While shuffling through sign ideas on Pinterest, Marks selected the Lululemon sign to win over his date. He knew she loved this store and was excited to surprise her. 

“The sign was very sweet,” Burleson said. “I was surprised and am so excited to go.” 

When life gives you (Lulu)lemons… use them to make a homecoming sign! 

Freshman Gray Burleson was asked by fellow freshman Ryder Marks to go Maclay’s homecoming. Photo courtesy of Gray Burleson.

This next homecoming proposal was a favorite around campus. Many people were gather around as lacrosse player and sophomore Brad Gerrish approached sophomore Aileen McAbee in the courtyard with his personal and sporty sign. Gerrish’s sign wrote, “My lax stats would be better if I weren’t always distracted by the girl keeping them, Hoco?” McAbee was flattered by the sign and immediately said yes. 

“We spent a lot of time talking on the bus to and from lacrosse games and really connected,” Gerrish said. “I knew I wanted to add something about lacrosse in there.” 

Their friendship made it very easy to ask, leaving Gerrish not too nervous.

 “I was so happy,” McAbee said. “I thought the sign was so cute because I did not expect it to be about lacrosse.” 

Not only did Gerrish score goals this season, but he also scored a wonderful date to this year’s Marauder Palooza. 

Sophomore Brad Gerrish asks sophomore lacrosse stat keeper Aileen McAbee to homecoming. Photo courtesy of Aileen McAbee.

Soon after these proposals, junior RJ Hosay asked his girlfriend, junior Peyton Crumpler, with a sweet sign that referenced her love for the beach. Hosay’s sign read “I shore can sea myself at HOCO with you?” Crumpler was flattered by this sign and cannot wait to go with Hosay. 

“I absolutely loved his sign because it incorporated something he knows I love: the ocean,” Crumpler said. “I also know how hard he worked on it, so it made me love it even more.” 

Hosay worked hard on his sign and was happy to add in something he knew was special to her. 

“She really loves the beach,” Hosay said. “I knew I wanted to make it beach-themed.” 

Hosay and Crumpler shore are looking forward to this year’s homecoming dance! 

Junior RJ Hosay asks his girlfriend, junior Peyton Crumpler, to homecoming. Photo courtesy of RJ Hosay.

For the final proposal, senior Eli Paddack asked senior Turner Beshears to homecoming by baking her banana bread, which is her favorite dessert. He officially asked her by spelling out “HOCO” in chocolate chips within the dessert. Beshears was excited and pleasantly surprised by the proposal. 

“I was really shocked and flattered when he asked me,” Beshears said. “Since we are dating, I felt like it was a mutual agreement that we would go together. Eli knows me well and knows that I secretly really wanted to get asked. It was really sweet and I felt very thankful for him.”

This super sweet duo is excited to attend their senior homecoming! 

Senior Eli Paddock asks his girlfriend, senior Turner Beshears, to homecoming with her favorite dessert. Photo courtesy of Turner Beshears.

These homecoming couples are ready to hit the dance, and having asked just in time, they’re preparing for the fast-approaching event happening on Oct. 16. After all the hard work on these signs and proposals, students are thrilled for this year’s Marauder Palooza! 


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