Following Maclay’s annual Fall Fling tradition, the 2021 Homecoming week is right around the corner. Occurring on the week of Oct. 11 to Oct. 16, Maclay’s Homecoming theme this year takes inspiration from popular music festival Lollapalooza. The festivities will center around music, giving the week its title of “MarauderPalooza”. After not having a homecoming dance during the 2020 school year due to the pandemic, many students, especially seniors, are excited to once again attend. 

Like all of Maclay’s Homecoming weeks, every school day will have a different themed dress-up day for students to enjoy. The dress-up days are as follows: Monday is PJ Day; Tuesday is Jersey Day; Wednesday is Neon Day; Thursday is MarauderPalooza Day and Friday is School Spirit Day. There will also be games and events for students to participate in during their snack breaks and after school. Games like trivia and “Name That Tune” will be put together by faculty for the students during the break. After school events will include karaoke and powderpuff. 

“I do normally participate in the homecoming dress-up days, and am planning on dressing up again this year,” senior Iman Iqual said. “I guess I am most interested in Thursday’s dress-up day because you can get creative with whichever artist or band you want to dress up as, allowing for there to be a wide variety of costumes in the upper school.”

Powderpuff, an activity in which girls from every grade form a football team and then play against each other in flag football, will take place on Tuesday evening. For this year, sophomores and juniors will go against each other, followed by a face off between the senior and freshman classes. Karaoke will be Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m.

“It’s kind of chaotic because none of us really know how to play football, but it’s still really fun,” senior Gabrielle Rolle said. 

On Friday, Oct. 15, Maclay will play Marianna in the school’s annual homecoming football game. Homecoming court members will also be announced. On the following Saturday, the homecoming dance will take place. The dance will begin at 8:00 p.m. and go until 10:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time for a slightly cheaper price or bought at the dance for $20 in cash only. Masks will be optional, and students from other schools will be able to attend, but only with a negative covid test and permission form. 

“Decisions are made by administration, but there is a lot students can do on their own, whether it be a negative covid test or a vaccination,” Spanish teacher and Homecoming aid Caroline Sheer said. 

So with the fast approaching homecoming week, students are planning out their costumes and athletes are preparing for their games. If you would like to see all of the information about Maclay’s 2021 Homecoming week, check out the homecoming page on Maclay’s website.


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