Munroe Murders Maclay Marauders: Maclay Marauders face a big loss toward the Munroe Bobcats

As the temperature began to drop and the sun disappeared behind the trees, the varsity Marauder football team prepared to play their last home game at Frank Shaw Field on Friday, Oct. 29. Before the game, senior captain Jim Murrah and senior captain Ethan Hovsapian could be seen getting the team hyped up. The stands were filled with Maclay students of all ages, as the lower school had come to cheer for Maclay because of Lower School Night. The Maclay Marauders ended up losing to the Munroe Bobcats by 39 points. 

Starting off the game was senior Tucker Hicks, who kicked a punt for the Maclay Marauders. The Marauders started off playing defense with some good tackles, but the opponent roster  had numerous five and four star players, including some who were committed to Auburn and Oregon for football. Soon after the beginning of the game, the Bobcats made a touchdown, putting six points up on the scoreboard. In response, the Marauders blocked the Bobcats’ extra point attempt. When the Marauder offense came on, however, the Bobcats did not let the ball get past them. By the end of the first quarter, the Marauders had yet to put points on the board. 

“We fought,” sophomore Grady Brown said. “We put in a lot of effort and we fought really well. They made a few more plays than us. Well, a lot more plays than us.”

The second quarter was not any better for the Marauders. One of Maclay’s best players, senior Jeb Beshears, was  attacked by the Bobcats every time he got the ball. Throughout the game, however, junior Eli Harrell made several tackles against the Bobcats. Harrell had a total of eight tackles throughout the game. For this quarter, the Marauders exchanged running the ball for passing the ball in an attempt to drive it  down the field. At the end of the half, the score concluded 26 to 0 with the Bobcats in the lead.

“Overall, I felt like I was pretty prepared. I knew what they were doing,” junior Eli Harrell said. “I probably could have prepared a little bit better [though].” 

Just a few minutes into the third quarter, the Bobcats scored yet another touchdown on the Marauders. While the Marauders were on defense, the Bobcats quarterback threw the ball down the field, allowing a teammate to score by catching the ball with only one hand. It was a college level catch, and fans on both sides were stunned. 

“I mean I think we put the kids in position to be successful. I think we consistently try to do that,” Head Coach Lance Ramer said. “You know that’s a very very very good football team and has not lost to a team in Florida yet. They are seven and two and have shut out six of their opponents. It’s a very good team, very athletic.”

With the fourth quarter starting, the Marauders still did not have any points while the Bobcats kept scoring on the Marauders. Ramer called a few timeouts to meet with the team before the quarter was over to try and score, but the Marauders fell up short. The final score of the game was 39-0. Maclay has three wins and five losses with one game left in the season. Next week, the Marauders will play Jefferson County. 


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