The benches for the swimming spectators at Maclay’s pool were more filled than usual on the night of Wednesday, Sep. 22, and for good reason: it was senior night for Maclay’s swim team. The Marauders’ football team, volleyball team and more attended the swim meet against the Leon Lions to cheer on the senior swimmers. Before the meet, each senior’s name was announced along with their accomplishments through their highschool careers. The Maclay Marauders ended up winning the swim meet overall. 

“I think we swam with energy tonight,” senior Stuart Higdon said. “It was senior night, so everyone was stoked to get up and swim.”

In celebration of senior night, the four senior swimmers, Higdon, Duel Yearty, John Henry Dixon and Evan Mascagni, were led by their family members through a walkway of their team members. The boys were also surprised with huge cardboard heads made for each individual senior, along with presentations of balloons, gifts and more. 

Higdon, one of Maclay’s most fast-paced swimmers, swam a 156.200IM (Individual medley) in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, and got a 21.50 in freestyle as well.

“We were perfectly prepared,” seventh grader Makay Yearty said. “I hope we won this meet. We all felt good and ready for this.”

Even though the night celebrated the senior swimmers, some middle school students swimming for high school stood out and managed to beat some of Leon’s high school swimmers. One example is M. Yearty, who is a swimmer for the varsity team although she is in middle school. M. Yearty completed the 200 free in 1:07 and the 100 fly in 1:12, beating some Lions. Besides individual performances, the swim team raced in two relays and won both.

The Maclay Marauders and the Leon Lions compete at Maclay’s Senior Swim Night. Photo by Jaclyn Summers.

“This year we are lucky to have a lot of fast swimmers,” Coach Pavel Sankovich said. “I don’t do a lot of motivating because they swim year round. Their inspiration comes from the leaders of the swim team and captains. We did not struggle with that this year.”

Throughout senior night, the crowd did not fail to make noise and celebrate the four senior boys. Maclay’s performance in the two relay races and 15 events allowed them to win the dual swim meet overall. The Marauders’ next swim meet will be held next Wednesday at Morton Aquatics and will be against Community Christian School. 


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