As volleyballs flew high in the air on both sides of the court, the Maclay Marauders and the Florida High Seminoles got ready for their volleyball match. On Thursday, Sep. 9, Maclay faced Florida High for a home game at the Webster Center. The volleyball game ended with a score of 3 to 0, with the Seminoles winning.

“Although we lost, we played as a team much better than I saw previously this week, and the girls are learning a lot,” Coach Daijah Washington said. “Some games you are going to lose, but there is always a lesson to be learned. For example, our serve receive as well as our defense on cross balls, but other than that we are going to improve playing as a team, by playing as a team.” 

The first set ended with a score of 12 to 25 with sophomore Ameila Haggins having some nice digs. The second set ended with a score of 21 to 25, as did the close back-and-forth third set. During this third set, Maclay was finally able to get a lead with the score being 17 to 16, but Florida High retaliated by scoring right back. Florida High and Maclay fought until both sides had 21 points, to which Florida High responded by scoring four continuous points to secure their win. 

“Florida High is often a really hard team to beat considering they’re a huge school, so it is kinda intimidating,” Outside Hitter sophomore Brooke Nohle said. “But our team really came together throughout the end and fought as hard as we could.”

Last week the Lady Marauders lost to Lincoln, and were hoping to improve on some of their mistakes made in that match, specifically communication, against Florida High. 

“Going into this game, we all knew the girls on the other team, as we played club volleyball with them, and they hit hard, so we knew this was gonna be a big blocking game,” Middle Blocker senior Kate Krizner said. “Going off of our Lincoln game, we struggled a bit with our team chemistry since we’re just starting, and so I definitely think that’s getting better.” 

The Lady Marauders will go on to face off against the Chiles Timberwolves  on Sep. 15 at 5 p.m.