The student sections in the Webster Gym were filled with Marauders and Wolves alike as the Lady Marauders volleyball team faced the Chiles Wolfpack on Wednesday, Sep. 15. In the end, Maclay lost to their rival Chiles, with the final score being 3 to 0.

“I think that the first set we did really good and pushed hard,” senior Sophia Dalton said. “After that we lost focus and went down from there.”

In the first set, the Lady Marauders hit the ball back and forth between the net, managing to put the first point up on the scoreboard as junior Rachel Bethke struck the ball and Chiles hit it off to the side. Another point scored later in the first set was from sophomore Amiela Haggins, who spiked the ball down with the Wolves missing the block. Dalton scored the fifth point in the first set by hitting the ball overhand to the Wolves. Near the end of the set, the score was tight and Bethke was the last one to score a point for the Marauders. Chiles scored the match point, and the final score of the first set came down to 18 to 25 with the Wolfpack ahead.

“I think in the beginning we had a lot of fight and a lot of passion,” Haggins said. “We were definitely feeding off the energy of the rivalry, but I think as the game progressed we kind of got in our heads a bit. We looked like deer in headlights for some moments. , and you know I wish we just would have maintained that energy and passion that we had in the beginning of the game.”

The second set started with the rivalry between Maclay and Chiles stirring the crowd. As the ball was hit back and forth, the fans screamed and chanted for their respective teams. Junior Olivia Greenburg scored the first point in the second set for the Marauders. Chiles, however, scored a lot faster than Maclay. The final score for the second set concluded 10 to 25 with the Timberwolves winning. 

“I expected for us to compete with Chiles,” Coach Daijah Washington said. “I think our team is more than capable and has a lot of potential going forward.”

In the last and final set, Chiles defeated the Lady Marauders to win the entire game. This set, it was the Timberwolves who put the first point on the scoreboard. In the second play, the Wolfpack spiked a ball down to the Marauders, who did not get to the ball fast enough to save it. It was 5 to 0 before the Marauders put a point on the scoreboard. The final play was by the Timberwolves on a serve, as the Marauders missed the ball. The ending score of the third set was 12-25 with Chiles securing the three set win.