The beginnings of fall hung in the air as the Maclay Marauder family headed down to Southwood to watch their football team face off against the JPII Panthers. On Friday Sep. 10 Marauder varsity football lost to the Panthers with an ending score of 53 to 31. 

In the first quarter, junior Grayson Obsterte had multiple key tackles against JPII that resulted in the Panthers losing the ball and giving Maclay a turnover. Before the first quarter ended, junior Evan Brown blocked the kick for the Panthers’ second touchdown, ending the first quarter with a score of 13 to 0 with the Panthers leading the night.

“We have to tackle better,” Obsterte said. “Our body language must be better if we give up a big play or go down.”

In the second quarter, senior Tucker Hicks kicked a field goal, making the scoreboard for the Marauders go up by three. Junior Shane Croston also had a solid run, helping Maclay score their first touchdown of the night. With three minutes left in the half, junior Caleb Heuchan scored a touchdown for the Maclay Marauders. The Marauders had some mistakes as well, however, such as when Hicks punted and missed, allowing JPII to receive the ball back in a much better field position. Both Maclay’s offense and defense worked to hold the Panthers at half with a four point difference in the score. The half ended with a score of 13 to 9 with the Marauders losing. 

“I learned that I need to ready my keys better,” junior Eli Harrell said. “I need to work on my tackling.”

During the third quarter, the Marauders lost control of the game and JPII dominated the field, with the only touchdown for Maclay being from senior Hayden Hillard. The third quarter ended with a score of 41 to 16 with JPII well ahead. In the fourth quarter, Maclay attempted to run for a touchdown, but the ball was stripped from the Marauders’ hands.  JPII picked up the ball and ran it back for a touchdown. The last two touchdowns for Maclay and the night were scored by Heuchan and sophomore Grady Brown. The final score of the game was 53 to 31 with the Panthers securing the victory. 

“Always to win,” Coach Ramer said. “We want to at least have one more point than the other team. We also say winning conceals and losing reveals, and so when [you’re] losing, you see a lot, and there’s a lot to like and alot to work on, and we will bounce back.”


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