Buckets of water poured heavily from the sky as the bell rang for lunch. Although students groaned at the idea of driving off for lunch in the rain, many were quick to notice the delicious smell coming from inside Langford Hall in the Beck Family Innovation Center (BFIC). Upon entering, students were greeted with trays of fresh burgers and hot dogs. On Monday Aug. 30, the Maclay upper school community was treated to its first burger lunch of the year. 

This year’s burger lunch was hosted by the Maclay Student Ambassadors so that the organization could have the opportunity to meet with new students. Though the lunch focused on the freshman class and new students, the food was open for everyone. The goal was for the ambassadors to invite their assigned student mentees to the lunch and make sure they felt welcomed as new upper school students. 

“I think our feedback from the ambassadors was [that] everybody seemed to be doing well,” Director of Marketing and Enrollment Strategies Kim McWilliams said. “I mean we just want our new students to feel like they know somebody and have a place here in the upper school community.” 

The burger lunch was not possible without the help of parent volunteers and Head of School James Milford. They were the ones who grilled hundreds of burgers and hot dogs for students to enjoy. The lunch menu included cheeseburgers, plain burgers and plain hotdogs with a side option of Lay’s Barbeque Chips, Lay’s Classic Chips, Cool Ranch Doritos or Nacho Cheese Doritos . 

“It was really good,” freshman Blake Rhodes said. “I met a few friends who were from different schools, and I got to enjoy a cheeseburger and Doritos. The cheeseburger was my favorite.”

The original plan constructed by the ambassadors was to have the burger lunch outside by the oak tree. There were even tables and chairs all around the oak tree ready to be used that morning. Due to weather conditions, however, the food was moved to Langford Hall, where students got to enjoy the lunch while remaining dry. 

A group of students eat together during the burger lunch. Photo by RJ Hosay.

Over the summer, each ambassador mentored one to two freshmen or new students. When the ambassadors invited their mentees to lunch, it served as a check-in for the new upper school students. If the ambassadors did not get a chance to meet their mentee face-to-face over the summer, the lunch also provided an opportunity for them to do so. During the lunch, new students were able to ask questions, and the ambassadors were able to share their tips for high school. The burger lunch was one of many more to come for the students and the Marauder community.

“I thought it was a great lunch,” freshman Joseph Laudadio said. “As a freshman, there is a much bigger workload than middle school, so it is good to hear the advice of the upperclassmen on how to manage a heavy workload.”


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