Since school is out for summer, there are no worries, unless someone is uptight about the release of their AP scores. Summer is a time to put stress and worry aside and take a break from school to help students reboot. There are many ways to recharge over the summer, so here is a short list with five ways someone can expand their horizons and try something new.

  1. Read a Book:

A very relaxing way for someone to reboot themself, while learning at the same time, is by reading a book. A benefit of reading is that there is a large selection of books to choose from. Unlike school where students have to read about history and science, over the summer they can pick up a book they genuinely want to read and knock out their summer reading assignment. Instead of reading in a classroom, summertime allows students to read in whatever environment is most comfortable: a hammock, bedroom, by the pool or etc.

2. Sleep:

Teenagers are good at a couple things, one of those being sleeping. Students should catch up on all the sleep they lost during the school year from staying up late studying and having to get up early. Sleeping is great for the mind to help relax and take a load off, decreasing stress levels and improving one’s health.

3. Make New Friends:

While it may not be the most relaxing thing, making new friends is a great way to recharge. It can be fun to meet new people and perhaps get into trouble with them. Like the mother in “Sandlot” said, “make new friends, and for heaven’s sake, get into trouble.” These summer friendships and memories will be remembered for life.

4. Go Swimming:

During the summertime, it gets hot; therefore, the best way to relax can be by getting in a pool to cool off from the summer heat. There are several ways to cool off, whether it be going to your local park, pool or even to nearby lakes. Tallahassee has plenty of spots to cool off since it’s in Florida, known for its hot temperatures.

5. Be Spontaneous:

Summer is a perfect excuse to be spontaneous and go out on fun adventures. Summer allows for people to be a kid again, going to explore the woods or deciding to build a project with friends. Whatever it may be, everyone should make sure they do something they love and will have fun doing. Getting in this creative mindset will show people that there truly isn’t all that much to be stressed about.


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