Maclay Summer Camps have been a long-standing activity for students and community members alike to participate together on Maclay campus throughout the summer. From activities like gymnastics to video game designing to SAT Prep classes, the summer camps offer a range of activities for students in kindergarten all the way to seniors in highschool. 

“Registration has been better than average this year. We have 177 sessions of camps over 10 weeks,” Director of Communications Carri Smith said. “We will have safety protocols in place like last summer. Each of the camp directors hire their own team and volunteers. You would need to ask Liz Hunter about Day Camp, Barbara Cairns about Kindergarten Camp, Lance Ramer about Football and All Sports Camp, etc.”

The first of the camps start on May 24 and the last of them end around Aug. 8, going into the next school year. An entire schedule for the summer programs is linked here. To register, people will have to visit the summer programs webpage where they can create an account to schedule the summer camps of their choosing for their children or themselves. For a more in-depth look into the programs, there is a summer camp guide. Here is a list and description of the nine camps Maclay will be offering this summer. 

  1. Pre-K and Kindergarten Camps: 

These particular camps allow for the young campers to come to the Cartee Gym between 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for an early drop off. There is an option to join the Lunch Bunch, which goes from 12 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. These camps last up to seven weeks starting June 1 and going up until July 16. Maclay allows for students to sign up for either individual weeks or the entire seven week period. Each week has a theme: Splash into Summer, Under the Big Top, Storybook Summer, Dino Days, Party in the USA, Colorful Creations and Gone Camping. These themes will be going in chronological order for the Kindergarten camp led by Barbara Cairns with help from other aids and faculty. The Pre-K camp themes are as follows: Under the Big Top, A Bug’s Life, Artful Antics, Science & Nature, Planes, Trains, & Autos, Red, White, & Blue and Under the Sea. In order to join the Pre-K camp, the campers must be at least three years-old and potty trained. Campers that are a part of the Lunch Bunch group will be required to provide their own lunch during camp sessions; however, those not signed up for the program will be provided lunch.

  1. Day Camp: 

This program is for all grades ranging from first to fifth, ensuring that the campers will be having fun, yet tired by the end of the day. If campers need to stay longer, the Extended Day Care – Lower School allows for any campers to stay until 2:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., and the Extended Day Care – Middle School allows for campers to stay until 5:30 p.m., which both last longer than most of the on-campus programs. These extended programs are a great option for students looking for all day activities and for parents with extraneous schedules.The activities during Day Camp range from computer games to arts and crafts to swimming, along with other outdoor activities. On Fridays, trips will be taken to places like Wakulla Springs, the movie theatre, Skate World and Blue Springs. Transportation to these day trips will be provided by Maclay for not only the campers, but also camp counselors and aids to keep the campers safe and happy. A week’s tuition of $195 covers all of the activities, including lunch and snacks in the morning. The swimming trips will only allow beginning swimmer campers to go into the shallow areas to ensure safety for all, and the gift shops will not be visited. Counselors and aids will be present throughout the entire program. The Camp Director for Day Camp is Liz Hunter. 

  1. Academic Camps: 

As Maclay has a Pre-K through twelfth grade program for students, they also have academic programs for all campers of different age groups over the summer. 

Maclay Scholars Camp is for grades first through fifth. This program focuses on strengthening skills in art, science, math, language arts and computer science studies. On Friday, the campers can choose to attend the Day Camp for the all-day field trip or join any of the afternoon sessions that the Day Camp offers. The Scholars Camp instructors are Laura Armstrong and Blake Hicks. 

For rising sixth to eighth grade campers, they are offered the Middle School Bridge Camp that allows students to continue their academic knowledge by having workshops that will enhance their skills in Study Skills, Humanities, STEM and other studies. Campers can bring a packed lunch or order lunch from the dining hall. The instructors for the Bridge Camp will be Rikki Overstreet and Rachel Paul.

Grades ninth to twelfth can go to the upper school Bridge Program for English, instructed by upper school English Teacher Lauren Fantle. She will be covering the skills of literature terms, annotation, reading poetry, reading short stories and writing.

The SAT/ACT Summer Prep Course is for campers in grades ninth through twelfth. The program will have them enhance their math skills by taking practice tests and going over Algebra, Geometry and more. Campers will be required to have computers and calculators for the online courses.

  1. Theatre Camps: 

Creative Theatre & Dance Camp is for grades kindergarten to sixth. From Jun. 1 to Jun. 4, the camp will be ‘Fro-zone!’ themed with crafts, costume making, prop making and creating a set for the performance of which the parents can receive a digital copy of. From Jun. 7 to Jun. 11, the camp will be ‘Off to Neverland!’ themed, where all the campers will do Neverland themed activities and perform. From Jun. 14 to Jun. 18, the theme will be ‘Tale as Old as Time’. The activities for this camp will be the same as the previously mentioned Theatre Camps. From Jun. 21 to Jun. 25 will be ‘Marauder Dance Company Floor and Field!’, where dancers will learn routines and have an outside performance for their parents on the football field at 11:30 a.m. on the last day of the camp. Lastly, for Theatre Camps, from Jun. 28 to July 2, the theme will be ‘Loyal, Brave, and True!’.

  1. Art Skills and Music Camps: 

Each art and music camp will have a certain artistic skill that campers can enhance through practice and consulting knowledgeable instructors. These programs will provide some materials and tools necessary for campers to borrow at the camp, but not take home. 2 Soul Sisters Folk Art Camp is for grades fifth to eighth, working to help campers use different art techniques and mediums like ceramics, glass, mixed-media and painting. The goal for campers is to create three projects each day and by the end of the week campers will have 15 original pieces of art to take home. The instructors will be Karen Ray, who teaches at Westfield School in Perry, Georgia, along with Maclay’s Fine Arts Department Co-Chair Kim Daniel. 

Pottery Camp is offered for campers grades fifth to eighth. Two projects will be made and allowed to be taken home. The methods of pottery will be taught by Maclay’s upper school Art teacher Kaitlyn Dressel. 

Sewing Beginning is another art camp offered for grades third to fifth used to learn basic sewing skills and create various projects throughout the two-week camp. The cost of the camp includes the cost of supplies. Sewing Advanced is offered for grades sixth to eighth for students with previous sewing skills looking to enhance them. Similar to the Sewing Beginning, the campers will have sewing materials provided. Sewing is a two week camp of which some of the campers will be able to take their projects home. 

Ukulele Camp Beginner is offered for grades third to eighth; however, Ukulele Camp Intermediate is also offered for grades third to eighth. The Ukulele Camp Advanced for grades third to eighth are all for campers looking to learn, improve upon past skills and learn from instructor, lower school Music teacher Matt Harmon, along with other counselors. Ukuleles will be provided for the campers to use on campus, but not to be taken home. 

Mini Portfolio Course is for grades ninth to twelfth, aimed at students looking to improve their art skills and create art projects with meaning. The medium options for the portfolio are drawing/pen and ink, acrylic painting and collage/mixed media. The materials for basic projects will be provided, but sketchbooks must be brought by the individual campers. The camp will be instructed by Maclay’s upper school Art teacher Kyle Maurey. 

Introduction to Acrylic Painting for grades ninth to twelfth will be instructed also by Maurey and used to help campers become more proficient in working with the medium of acrylic paint. Materials will be provided for campers to use on campus, but the projects themselves can be taken home. 

  1. Sports Camps: 

Sports Academy Camp will be an option for anyone in kindergarten through eighth grade, allowing them to try a variety of different sports. The campers will be working on team skills and individual proficiency to help each camper develop as athletes. The sports included in the camp are football, basketball, soccer, baseball, kickball, dodgeball, capture the flag, handball, tag, relay races and anything else that campers want to suggest. The instructors will be Maclay’s Head Football Coach Lance Ramer, accompanied by other coaches and Maclay student athletes. The materials for each of the games will be provided for each sport. 

Baseball/Southern Ball Academy Camp is for grades second through seventh to help individual campers improve on their throwing, fielding, hitting, catching, running and strategizing for baseball. The campers will receive matching t-shirts and be coached by the Southern Ball Academy coaches to better their athletic skills.

Basketball Boys Camp and Girls Camp are two separate camps, both for basketball training on shooting, ball handling, strategizing, technical and team skills for campers grades second through eighth. The instructor for the Basketball Boys Camp will be Maclay Basketball Coach Gene Granger. For the Basketball Girls Camp, the coach will be Assistant Athletic Director Rapheal Harris. The campers in the Basketball Boys Camp will spend the last day at camp, Championship Day, dedicated to competing and playing.

Cheerleading Camp is for campers grades pre-k through fifth to help them better their skills in jumps, stunts, chants and cheers. All of the conditioning will have an emphasis on safety by former Maclay Cheer Coach Madison Minacci, along with the Maclay varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders. The camp will begin between noon and 1 p.m. for any morning campers to come participate.

Cross Country Camp is run by Maclay’s Head Track and Cross Country Coach Angie Milford for campers at multiple different age levels who will be helped with building their endurance and overall running skills. This camp will take place at the trails by Maclay’s campus. The campers will meet at the Webster Center and are expected to bring running shoes, water bottles and towels for any core and strength work. The camp will be held from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.. 

Football Camp is offered to grades first through eighth and will be co-ed. This allows for the campers to boost their abilities with individual and team building, fundamentals and skill development. They will be competing with each other in games and obstacle courses with instructor Ramer, other assistant coaches and Maclay football players.

Girls on the Run/Youthful Yoga is a two week camp from 8:30 a.m. to noon for girls in grades third through fifth. The girls will run, have a healthy snack break and practice yoga and self-love with instructor Jane Chambers. 

Gymnastics Camp is for grades kindergarten through fifth. This camp is dedicated to practicing tumbling, cartwheels and back-handsprings over the course of four days. The campers are able to join day camp any afternoon, along with the day camp field trip on Friday. The instructor will be Judi from JB Mobile Gymnastics.

Lacrosse Boys Camp will be for grades second through eighth to practice throwing, catching, shooting, fast breaks, unsettled offense/defense, transition and face-offs to help them have skills on and off the field. Campers are encouraged to bring their own lacrosse sticks because of limited supplies to borrow from. The instructors are Maclay Lacrosse Head Coach Justin VanTassel, Nike National Coach Warrior All-American Coach, 850 Lacrosse Club Coach and Florida Crabs National Team Coach. There is also a Co-Ed Lacrosse Camp that will help girls and boys improve lacrosse skills from the same instructors as the Lacrosse Boys Camp. This co-ed camp is offered to campers in grades second through twelfth.

Soccer Indoor Futsal Camp is for ages six through twelve and meant to help campers enhance their skills of speed, fitness and agility with dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Registering early is encouraged for signups because spots fill out quickly. Campers should bring soccer balls, water bottles, sneakers, cleats, shin guards, snacks and swim gear. 

Soccer Academy Camp is for ages 6 through 13 to help boys and girls improve on their skills. The campers will be grouped by age and ability to help the team’s and their individual proficiency. Each camper will need to bring their soccer balls, water bottles, tennis shoes, cleats, shin guards, snacks and swim gear. 

Soccer Mini Kickers Camp is for ages four to five to help campers begin basic skills for soccer techniques, balance, movement, agility and motor skills. Activity, coordination, confidence and social interaction will be emphasized for each player. Warner Soccer coaches will be coming to work as the instructors for this camp. 

Softball/Southern Ball Academy Camp is for grades third through ninth to practice throwing, fielding, hitting, catching, base-running, utilizing the field and covering batting cages. All campers will receive a t-shirt. 

Swim Camp is for grades second through sixth held at Maclay School’s Lanier Aquatics Center for campers who know how to swim, but wish to improve. They have an online schedule underneath the Summer Camp Guide on Maclay’s website. The camp will be four days and includes a lunch option each day. Each camper can join the Day Camp trip on Friday and the Day Camp activities during the afternoons. Extended care is optional and lasts until 5:30 p.m.. The instructors will be the United Swim Club Director and Maclay’s Swim Coach Pavel Sankovich, along with various other United Swim Club and Maclay coaches.

Tennis Camp is for grades pre-k through twelfth. This camp will be throughout an entire week consisting of fifteen hours of tennis and other athletic activities. The campers will improve fundamental strokes like forehand topspin, backhand topspin, backhand slice, forehand volley, backhand volley, overhead and serving. Campers will have beginner, intermediate or advanced training customized to their personal needs. Instructors will be Maclay Director of Tennis Oliver Foreman, Maclay Varsity Tennis Coach Mary Phillips Smith, JV Tennis Coach Susan Gray, Middle School Tennis Coach Tonya Bastien. Maclay Varsity and JV tennis team members and coaches will be helping out with the camp.

Volleyball Camp is for grades third through eighth. This camp is for all experience levels ranging from beginners to intermediate skill levels. Campers will learn to perform overhead passes, digs, spikes, blocking and overhead serves. Game experience will be included to help implement skills for in game strategies. 

  1. Community Service Camp: 

Grades ninth through twelfth will be helping with different volunteer projects around Maclay campus to achieve community service hours and experience. Transportation will be provided for off campus projects, including Ability 1st, the Humane Society, Goodwood Museum, Second Harvest, United Way of the Big Bend and more. The instructor will be Maclay Spanish teacher Caroline Scheer with help from students who will earn a minimum of 35 community service hours in just one week of the camp.

  1. Technology Camps: 

Minds in Motion-Forklift Robot Camp is for ages 9 through 14. The camp will lead campers through building and designing their own forklift out of cardboard and circuity. The robot kit will be provided to campers and will help introduce them into engineering. The Minds in Motion-Robotic Arm Camp is designed to allow each camper to create a robotic arm. Minds in Motion-100 in STEM Lab 1 will be for circuity and creating an electric flow for LED light display. Minds in Motion-Kiko Robot 962 is for ages eight and twelve. This camp will be designing a programmed robot. Minds in Motion-Electricity and Magnet Mania is for ages seven through eleven, allowing campers a hands-on workshop to build and take home their own circuit kit. Minds in Motion-Bridges and Buildings is for ages seven through eleven. This camp will be creating a building and understanding the physics of suspension. 

Robonauts Fun Camp is for grades third to eighth aimed at helping campers create their own custom robots and creatively program them. The camp will be held over five days, Monday through Friday, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a daily snack provided. The instructors are Maclay’s Dean Gargiulo and Forrest Love. Each camper will get to compete against one another with their robots.

STEAM into Summer Camp, for grades third through fifth, stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The campers will be studying green energy and how energy is used through projects that they design and build. The circuits and electricity will be designed by the campers to learn those skills. The instructor will be Maclay’s Kelsey Stalter.

Video Game Creation Modding, Networking, and Hosting with Minecraft is for ages eight through sixteen. This camp is made to teach campers how to design and modify online games. Video Game Creation Camp, for ages eight through sixteen, will introduce campers to skills and strategies within arcade style games. The campers for both video game camps can go to additional programs for a full day camp.

  1. Chess Camp: 

Ages five through sixteen will be able to learn and hone their skills of playing chess. The staff will be the finest children’s chess instructors in North America to help implement fun and learning for each camper. The camp will do both casual and competitive chess to help campers improve. Campers are able to register for morning, afternoon or all-day sessions.