The Cum Laude Society is one of the most prominent organizations for academic honors. At Maclay, the top 10 percent of the junior class and the top 20 percent of the senior class are admitted into the Cum Laude Society based on academic grades. Starting at 1:00 p.m. on May 13 in Langford Hall, the students invited to Cum Laude were officially inducted into the society. From the 11th grade, juniors Nirmay Bhanderi, Jakob Birken, Elizabeth Crapps, Trevor Gross, Katerina Krizner, Eli Mears, Collin Roberts, Sarah Caulley Soto and Shelby Watson were inducted. From the 12th grade, seniors Delaney Dickson, Ramsay Grant, Nicole Macri, Veronica Marshall-Kirk, Katherine Matthews, Sonu Patel and Dylan Vielhauler were inducted.

“When I found out I was invited to Cum Laude, I was very excited and a little surprised, but was very happy to see my hard work pay off,” junior Sarah Caulley Soto said. 

The ceremony commenced with a brief speech from Dean of Students Heather Bas, followed by a few words from Head of School James Milford. After, each inductee was called on to receive a Cum Laude certificate and a Cum Laude pin, the latter of which will be worn by the juniors and seniors at their respective graduations. Following the ceremony, the new Cum Laude Society members enjoyed a lunch catered by Madison Social, including salad, chicken, alfredo pasta, petite desserts and refreshments such as sweet tea and lemonade. 

“I was impressed by all the intelligent and hardworking students in my grade,” Crapps said. “I was also grateful to all my teachers who had prepared me to succeed.” 

The Cum Laude Society was founded in 1906 and is located in 382 schools, nationally and internationally, including Maclay. The society’s logo is an altered version of the Greek letter Tau, which can be seen in the pin given to the new inductees. The motto for the society is also in Greek: “Areté Diké Timé,” which in English means “Excellence, Justice and Honor” and represents the society’s focus on academic achievement. 

Current juniors who did not get into the Cum Laude Society this year will receive another opportunity next year, while the current sophomores will have their first chance to get invited next year. 

“If Cum Laude is an aspiration for you, you have to make it a priority,” Crapps said. “Each day you will have to sacrifice certain events to pursue Cum Laude. This means even days when you do not feel like working, you have to muster up discipline and work.” 


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