To end the last two weeks of school, Maclay hosted a body image bootcamp for all the freshman and sophomores. On Thursday, May 6, freshmen crowded the new Langford Hall to attend the bootcamp, while the sophomores attended the bootcamp on Thursday, May 13. 

Becky Patterson led the bootcamp and is one of the owners of Burn Boot Camp in Tallahassee. She has been a personal trainer for six or seven years, and mostly works with women. 

“This is something that I think is really really important and probably is not talked about enough.” Patterson said. “You guys are in a really unique position. You are growing up in an environment that none of the adults in the room have ever had to deal with when they were growing up. There is a whole lot of pressure from the media, from your peers and especially from social media.”

Patterson displayed a presentation that had her main points for the bootcamp. She started off by talking about the expectations that society has created for people’s bodies and about what body positivity is. Body positivity is having habits of self confidence, self worth, self care and fighting back against all the negative comments. 

“I think it is important to talk about body positivity nowadays because of social media,” freshman Zoe Roopnarine said.  “Most people on social media edit their photos and don’t actually look like their photos in real life. If you talk about and practice body positivity then it helps kids growing up love who they are and their bodies. It will help kids growing up have a healthy relationship with their body and food.”

Throughout the presentation Patterson engaged with the audience and asked them about their own experiences. While engaging with the audience, she made valid points like when people get their first car they treat it the absolute best, and that car is like their body. They have to treat it the best in order to have the best results and performance. 

Some ways to maintain the body are exercise, eating well and a healthy environment. At least 30 minutes of exercise is needed a day to maintain healthy habits. Then, 80 percent of the food consumed should be fresh whole foods and the other 20 percent should be fast food in order to maintain a balance. A great way to remember this is after every fourth healthy meal eat a fast food type meal. Lastly, a healthy environment is putting positive vibes everywhere. 


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