After watching a really good movie, people often go on to obsess over the actors of the film. The actors are given all the credit for the movie being good; people often disregard the director and fail to acknowledge them for all their efforts. The directors are the ones who actually make the film. They have control over which actors to hire, creating the vision of the film through visualizations and production. They are most generically known for giving direction throughout the shooting process.

The first person to acknowledge in a good movie is its director. People often decide to watch movies based on the actors in it, but if someone likes a movie, they should instead look at the director and find more films he/she has made. Directors are in charge of bringing a story to life. They work with writers to create a visual version of what is written. The director is incharge of leading the cast in whatever direction best tells the story. Normally, whatever the director says is what goes.

As people think of directors, they think of someone sitting in a chair on set controlling everyone and everything. Despite this being somewhat accurate, there is a lot of work put in by the director post-production as well. In order to make the film properly portray the story being told, the director will sit with the editors. Directors put in a lot of work during production, that they don’t want it to all fall apart through the editing process. The director is attributed for the creative aspects of the film; therefore, they have to make sure the sound, visualizations and editing are cohesive with one another.

“The first job, of a director, is to pick a story that you really, really want to tell,” actor, writer, producer and director Bob Odenkirk said. “You have a strong sense as to how it should be told because you take the hit when the movie doesn’t work. I mean you feel it. You are the core reason that didn’t work.”

Directors are given the scripts by the writers and are left to make a story out of it. They are in charge of all the actors and production team on the film. The director has to decide what angles each scene should be shot in, what the setting or background should be, whether the lighting should be dark or bright, what tone the actors should be using with one another and more. The decisions they make will have full control over the entire film. If one scene is shot incorrectly or does not flow with the rest of the movie, they are the ones to blame. 

So, instead of crediting the actors, peoples first instinct should be to praise the directors for the portrayal of the film. Directors can make good actors look bad and can make bad actors look good. The collaboration between actors and their director is highly important in making a good movie. Actors must rely on the director to portray their characters well. Sometimes actors get so invested in their relationship with particular directors, that they begin to look for movies to work on that only their favorite directors are doing. Some of the most renowned directors of all time are Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. However, most of these names are probably unfamiliar to most audiences, for the directors are rarely the ones known. These directors are credited as some of the best for their influential contribution to not only their films, but many other films made in the industry. To be one of the greatest, these directors have a unique style and vision shown throughout all their movies, which are all known for their groundbreaking success. Once they hit this level of achievement, they are often recognized with the Best Director Academy Award from the Oscars. 

The creative vision is in the hands of the director. Yes, actors are vital to a film, but directors are who should be credited for bringing fame to an actor. Directors can have this control for they are the ones who give the actors their lines, create the setting and mood for each scene the actor is in and decide how the actors are edited. When a movie fails, all the blame is on the director. They deserve more credit than anyone else on the production team or any of the actors, for they are the creative vision and real stars behind each movie. 


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