After boarding buses with their swimsuits and sunglasses, Maclay’s seniors traveled to a classmate’s house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for their annual beach day trip. The house allowed for all the seniors to go on the beach to tan, play volleyball and football and swim in the ocean. The bus left at 8 a.m. on Monday, Apr. 19, and they were back at the Webster Gym by 5 p.m.

“It’s so exciting that we get to do all of these activities this year,” senior Nicole Macri said. “Last year, when everyone shut down, I thought for sure our senior year would be gone. I’m so thankful that the teachers and parents made sure we had a memorable last year!”

A few senior parents and teachers volunteered to organize a private chef to come and make surf and turf sushi, chicken sandwiches and sliders. There was also water, sodas and Gatorade provided for everyone. The main parents who helped organize the senior beach trip were Monica Cullington and Roby Bethke. Many other parents also came, but were just there as volunteer chaperones.

“Beach day was very fun,” senior Kateyn Dessi said. “It’s one of the things underclassmen look forward to when they become seniors. I can’t wait for more senior stuff like prom and graduation coming up.”

For the class of 2020, this event was canceled due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Earlier this year, there were also many other senior events that couldn’t be held, such as Homecoming and the Sadie Hawkins dance. In fact, no school events were held until late February. Maclay finally held a senior dinner at the end of February; however, there were many Covid-19 precautions put in place. As the seniors were able to go on their beach trip, there were also many Covid-19 safety measures. Masks were worn everywhere except the beach, and the six-foot social distancing rule was also enforced.

“My favorite part of beach day was getting to go down with all of my friends and classmates,” senior Daniela Paredes said. “I loved being able to do all the fun activities on the beach. I’m glad we can do all of these fun things while being safe with Covid-19.”

There will be more organized events for seniors to look forward to in the future. Junior and senior prom took place not long after the beach day on Friday, Apr. 24. Maclay made sure to make prom safe and sanitary. Seniors will also be having another senior dinner on Sunday, May 2. Finally, their graduation will be held on the Frank Shaw Field on Thursday, May 20, at 9 a.m. This year, graduation is being held outside to ensure that the seniors and their families will be safe and protected from Covid-19.


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