Netflix’s newest show is based on a real life duo of a real estate agent and a wedding planner who compete against one another to assist in helping a couple choose if they should spend their savings money on a wedding or a down payment on their first home. Sarah Miller, the wedding planner, and Nichole Holmes, the real estate agent, partially design a wedding and choose three houses to help a couple choose if they would rather have a wedding or a home. The friends have personalities that mesh well together — this is one of the biggest reasons the show is so enjoyable. The show is also so popular and fun to watch due to the fact it doesn’t feel staged or fake at any point, unlike many reality shows today. In addition to this, the episodes are a good length as well. However, an annoying couple can easily turn a viewer off from the show. 

“Marriage or Mortgage” Trailer | Netflix

The new series consists of ten episodes in its debut season which launched on Mar. 10, 2021. The show has been seen under the “Popular on Netflix” tab on the streaming channel and has stayed at the “Netflix Top 10 in the U.S.” list consistently. 

The pair – Holmes and Miller – seem as if they have been lifelong best friends, despite the fact they have only known one another for a few years. Their chemistry alone makes their hit show, “Marriage or Mortgage,” worth watching. Their personalities make the show seem genuine and realistic, unlike other reality TV shows on cable in modern day. Specifically, shows on channels like Home and Gardens TV (HGTV) seem forced, scripted and fake. The unrealistic shows are not attracting new viewers and will soon turn off lifelong viewers of the network. However, “Marriage or Mortgage” does not present this problem – quite frankly, it does the opposite. 

The episodes are a great length — they are not too lengthy, but longer than most shows in this genre. However, Holmes’ and Miller’s show keeps the viewer locked in for the right amount of time without feeling as if the plot is dragging on and on. The audience is able to get to know the couple and their story, which allows the viewers to feel like they are also helping them make a large, intelligent decision. Because the audience feels like they have a valid opinion on the subject, it will make them want to watch more episodes. 

Despite the show having so many great aspects that make it worthwhile and enjoyable, there are definitely a few details that can make the show less enjoyable. For instance, the Netflix original can be annoying if there is a bad couple being highlighted. If the couple is fighting, nagging one another or just seems to not get along well, it can make the show difficult to watch. Luckily, though, a multitude of different couples on the show seem to get along well and be a good match, which makes the show a lot more fun to relax and watch. 

The show receives four out of five stars in its entirety. The hosts are entertaining, fun and genuine individuals who bring a viewer back for more. The episodes hold the audience’s attention well and make the viewer feel like they are aiding in making the decision with the couple. However, the show easily loses a star because of the annoying couples that can make an appearance. Nonetheless, “Marriage or Mortgage” is a fun, light hearted show that any individual should watch if they enjoy similar series in the genre. 


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