When looking for a new car, it can be overwhelming due to all the different car brands to choose from. If you are buying a brand new car, it’s going to run no matter what; so, there isn’t much to worry about. However, have you ever thought of buying a car made in America? Buying a car domestically has many different effects on the country, as well as the buyer. In a poll, 87% of the country’s automobile buyers said that it’s important to support American car companies because it is patriotic and beneficial to the economy.

Most commonly, Americans prefer American automobile companies when buying trucks because they outperform imported trucks from other companies. Some of the best American truck companies include Ford, Chevrolet, General Motors (GM) and Ram. These trucks are just as affordable as imported trucks from companies like Toyota and Honda. While all of these trucks are close in engine durability, Honda and Toyota can’t compete when it comes to towing capacity, style and size. The Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma, both medium sized trucks, can’t compete with the towing capacity of American made trucks. The Tacoma towing capacity is 6,600lbs, and the Ridgeline is 5,000lbs. The big three American made trucks range from 12,000-13,500, and that is only for a gas truck. If you throw diesel into the mix, the American made trucks completely blow imported trucks out of the water because Honda and Toyota don’t even make diesel trucks. However, Nissan trucks are imported from another country but use an American made engine, such as Cummins. A flaw within choosing Nissan is that you won’t be buying a very stylish car, on the inside or outside. American made trucks and imported trucks get similar gas mileage, but one that stands out is the Chevy Colorado with turbo diesel. This truck can get up to 30mpg and can haul 7,700lbs, which is significantly more than other midsize trucks like the Tacoma and Ridgeline.

Buying American made cars also supports the United States economy. One of the big reasons it is so beneficial towards the economy is because the American manufacturers increase employment. Another reason is that it helps balance foreign trade. When you bring in more imports than exports, the country runs on deficit trade, which is negative. With imports, you keep the business local for the United States. The most important of these, though, is the unemployment rate it has. Unemployment is a large factor that gets weighed in when looking at the economy. Being able to keep the unemployment rate low is good, and buying American made cars employs people. This keeps people buying cars because they can afford them.

While buying American made vehicles is supportive towards the economy and patriarchal, buying foreign cars can be a good thing because they are said to be cheaper and produce the same engine quality. It can also help foreign relations; for example, people buy cars from Japan who are specifically known for having really good reliability.

Buying American made cars is still the smarter decision because the quality they are made in is often better than that of their foreign competitors. In one of J.D. Power’s dependability studies, GM motors tied Jaguar for the top spot and came in the top three on eight of 11 car segments. Not only do American made vehicles produce quality, but they will also help you financially. Ford and GM came out with protection plans that foreign automobile companies couldn’t compete with. They did this when Covid-19 came into play and left many with an economical hit. While the financial aspect of buying a car is extremely important, safety definitely comes first. The U.S. has much stricter safety standards than foreign countries. Some studies have found that foreign vehicles produce poisonous levels of lead and other sorts of toxins. With this in mind buyers should be very mindful of the earth by buying American made automobiles.


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