There’s always ways to improve a school and the education it is providing, whether that be adding to what’s already offered or taking out a few unnecessary classes. Maclay upper school has a motto, ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ This encouraged them to add many new courses to their curriculum for students to take during the 2021-22 school year. Some of these new courses are similar to old ones, yet improved, but many are brand new to Maclay. Here is a list of some of Maclay’s newly offered courses for next year.

  1. Intro to Psychology

This class is aimed at getting students to better understand certain behaviors of human beings as individuals, specifically by using active discussions. Similar to this course is another new class, Theories of Personality, which will assess various theories behind psychology.

  1. Earth/Space Science & Astronomy

These new courses that will be prerequisites for biology will encompass topics like forces that affect our planet, along with other major topics found in astronomy and cosmology.

  1. Nutrition

Students taking the course will learn the relationship between what humans eat and how it affects the human body, specifically by breaking down anatomy concepts. 

  1. AP Comparative Government

This new AP class will focus on political structures of other major countries across the world; however, since it is an AP course, it will be a bit more intensive than other new courses being offered. 

  1. Legal Systems & Concepts

This class will be offered both semesters, teaching students basic laws and regulations in the legal field. Students will also evaluate these laws by pairing them with social inequalities. By the end of the course, the students should be able to write a legal essay using the IRAC method.

“Legal Systems & Concepts seems like an important class, especially with all that’s going on in our country right now,” junior Molly Johnson said.

  1. Honors Art & Social Justice

In this course, students will engage in their own social and cultural beliefs by expressing it through art. They will create artwork that expresses their reactions towards current events.

  1. Outdoor Education

Avid students, who love the outdoors, will learn Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision (FWC) guides and regulations and get to explore hiking trails and go mountain biking.

“Outdoor Education seems like it could be very relaxing and fun,” sophomore Wyatt Frazee said.

  1. Intro to Multi Sport Events

This course is designed to be fun, but athletically advanced, for it trains students to compete in duathlons and triathlons. This course will help students learn how to train themselves for multisport events.

“The new classes being added to our curriculum is a great way for students to expand their horizon and take a new class,” college counselor Mathew Cave said. 


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