On Monday, Mar. 8, Stone Foster had his signing ceremony in the Webster Center to officially commit to play lacrosse at Flagler College. Foster has played lacrosse for a little over nine years, four of those for Maclay’s varsity team. Now, he has committed to play four more years for Flagler’s program. Flagler College has a D2 lacrosse program, and it is located in St. Augustine, Florida. 

“To put it simply, Flagler just felt like the perfect fit for me, from the people there to the campus itself,” Foster said. “The coach is a great guy, and my future teammates and I have pretty good chemistry already. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to play with them for the next four years. When I first stepped on campus, I could feel that I was making the right decision.” 

The signing ceremony commenced with speeches from Athletic Director Harold Hilliard, Maclay’s lacrosse coach Justin VanTassel and Foster himself giving a thank you speech. Once the speeches were over, Foster, seated beside his mother and two sisters, put the pen to the paper and signed the official documents. After the ceremony, the attendees went outside to enjoy refreshments and desserts.

“If I were to describe his signing in one word, it would be surreal,” mother Jill Foster said. “I remember his first day of lacrosse like it was yesterday. Knowing that almost a decade has passed since then and my little 8 year old boy is now a collegiate athlete is hard to believe. I am indescribably proud of the lacrosse player and man he has become. I am so excited to watch his lacrosse skills continue to flourish in St. Augustine. I just know he will do great things.”    

Foster has poured hours of work into lacrosse and now is able to see his goals come into fruition. Foster is a midfielder, and during his Maclay lacrosse career, has scored 41 goals. Over the course of four years on Maclay’s varsity lacrosse team, Foster has averaged 1.13 goals a game. 

“I’m not only proud of him for signing, but also for all the hard work and dedication it took him to get there. People look at a signing as a formal announcement to continue their sport at a collegiate level, but it represents so much more than that,” senior Victoria Lee said. “His signing represented the hours he spent at practice after school, the weeks sacrificed in the summer to go to lacrosse camps and the late night studying after games. I’m incredibly proud of Stone for his signing and cannot wait to see the amazing things he will accomplish.”


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