As many communities continue to be hit hard from Covid-19, some celebrities have stepped up to the plate with their relief efforts. As they set great examples and are good role models for the rest of the world, these particular celebrities are encouraging everyone to come together and help one another during this chaotic time in history. Here is a list of the top five celebrities who have donated their time and money to help those in need during this pandemic. 

  1. Serena Williams

Williams, known for her outstanding Olympic tennis career, decided to donate over four million masks to schools who were struggling to provide them for their students. She did this through her partnership with Bella+Canvas, an eco-conscious comfort clothing brand. This allowed schools to successfully start the transition from virtual to in-person school. She also has helped in educating 115,000 schools, which is around 54 million students, on the importance of staying safe during the pandemic. She titled this program, which quickly delivered masks to underserved schools, as #MasksForKids. 

  1. Rihanna

Throughout the pandemic, one of the most common struggles amongst Americans has been being quarantined inside for an overly long amount of time. This has led to mental health issues and unemployment, along with all of their negative side effects. On June 18, Rihanna decided to use her Clara Lionel Foundation to partner up with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. Together they have pledged to donate over 15 million dollars towards a variety of different organizations that help with mental health, domestic abuse, food insecurity and income loss. Along with this collaboration with Dorsey, Rihanna’s foundation had already donated five million dollars towards efforts that help prevent and prepare for Covid-19. This money mostly goes towards frontline workers and organizations like Feeding America, Direct Relief, Partners in Health, International Rescue Committee and more. 

  1. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

As if we couldn’t love them more, one of America’s favorite celebrity couples has shown their support to those affected by Covid-19. Together they raised one million dollars, which was then divided in half and given to two different organizations. These organizations represent two different food banks, one being in the US and the other in Canada. The couple chose to divide the money to help food banks in each of the countries they are from. The U.S. food bank is called Feeding America, while the Canada food bank is Food Banks Canada. Reynolds and Lively also advocated on their social media for people to reach out to others who might be struggling during this pandemic and are in need of a connection amongst all of the isolation. 

  1. Matthew and Camila McConaughey

Yet another fan favorite celebrity couple who has taken the steps to help fight against Covid-19, the McConaugheys have collaborated with Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford automobiles, to donate masks to healthcare workers within Texas. Together they were able to donate 110,000 masks, which the McConaugheys hand delivered to a variety of rural hospitals in their home state of Texas. 

  1. Drew Barrymore

Famous actress Drew Barrymore has partnered with McCormick Spice, and together they have donated one million dollars to an organization definitely in need of attention this pandemic: No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry is a national organization that works to end childhood hunger in America. Through an Instagram video, Barrymore announced this collaboration and further encouraged others to help pitch in their own donations too. She also hosted a virtual “Taco Tuesday Night” as a way to also get others to donate to No Kid Hungry.