Released to Netflix on Nov. 19, “The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again” continues the storyline introduced in the 2018 hit, “The Princess Switch”. After switching places with her look-alike, Lady Margaret the Duchess of Montenaro, Stacy De Novo falls in love with Prince Edward, and the first movie happily ends with Stacy and Prince Edward married, while Margaret and her boyfriend Kevin celebrate with them. “Switched Again” is a great movie for anyone who enjoys the classic, holiday romantic comedy.

“The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again” Official Trailer Courtesy of Netflix

American actress, Vanessa Hudgens, reprises her role as Margaret Delacourt and Stacy De Novo. She also plays a new character, Fiona Pembroke. Hudgens does an incredible job as all three. Fiona is Margaret’s jealous cousin who also causes a bit of chaos in the movie. Nick Sagar, Margaret’s love interest Kevin, also portrays his character very well. His interactions with Hudgens’ characters seem to come easily and don’t seem forced.

“Switched Again” takes place in Montenaro, a made up kingdom soon to be under the rule of Lady Margaret. Stacy and her husband, Edward, show up along with Margaret’s now ex-boyfriend, Kevin, and his daughter. In terms of the setting, Montenaro embodies a wonderful snowy Christmas village. The palace is also beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Despite the beautiful setting, the beginning of the movie is a bit slow. Not to mention, some of the dialogue and interactions can feel a bit forced in the beginning. It almost seems that as the movie progresses the actors relax into their roles, and the film becomes increasingly more enjoyable.

This sequel to “The Princess Switch” is portrayed very nicely. The characters, while almost all are royal in some sort of way, show real emotions, which makes them more relatable. The plot of “Switched Again” is very enjoyable. As previously mentioned, the beginning can feel a bit slow but quickly becomes more interesting. While the plot can seem very run of the mill at times, it is unique in its own ways. The princess and soon to be queen switch places again in this movie, and the transformation montage is very enjoyable. Fiona also brings a bit of action to the table when it’s revealed she’s broke and becomes desperate for money. Stacy and Edward experience their own relationship troubles also but have a very satisfying resolution. Kevin and Margaret have the typical troubled relationship with a cliche admittance of feelings for each other and ultimately a happy ending. 

Towards the end of the film, the audience is kept on their toes but, in the end, experience a very happy ending for the main characters. When compared to other Christmas movies, it may not seem very out of the ordinary. Though “Switched Again” has the typical love story and happy ending, it does stand out a bit with a unique plot. Rated G, the movie isn’t too romantic for the younger audience, or even those that just don’t like so much romance. It is a bit cliche, but this movie is a must watch for those that love royalty and the holidays.

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