Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and a great way to get the holiday started is by watching a Thanksgiving movie. It can be hard to find the right movie to get you in that holiday mood, so here are the top five Thanksgiving movies, from childhood classics to heartwarming favorites. 

1. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

If you are looking for a short family thanksgiving movie, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is the perfect choice. The 1973 classic is family friendly and entertaining for both kids and adults. For almost six decades, it was broadcasted on cable, but things have changed this year. Apple recently bought the movie and will now stream it Apple TV+ from Nov. 25 until Nov. 27. It is 30 minutes long and can be streamed anytime on Apple TV+ during those dates; however, Apple TV+ requires a subscription in order to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

2. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Garfield is a nostalgic animated TV show about a lazy, lasagna-loving cat. “Garfield’s Thanksgiving” is another classic film to watch on Thanksgiving with family. You can watch this film on Youtube anytime for free. It is 23 minutes long, and watching this short film every year can become a new family tradition.

3. “Free Birds”

“Free Birds” is an outstanding movie for kids. It is entertaining, funny and has a lot of action. “Free Birds” is about a turkey named Reggie who is an outcast among the other turkeys. Every year the president picks a turkey to eat for thanksgiving, and this year, Reggie is the one who gets picked. Reggie gets kidnapped by Jake, another turkey and a member of the Turkey Freedom Front, and is sent on a mission to remove turkey from the Thanksgiving dinner. It came out in 2013 and is one hour and 31 minutes long. You can watch this movie for free on Tubi or pay for it on iTunes, Youtube and AMC.

4. “The Blind Side”

“The Blind Side” might not be a traditional Thanksgiving movie, but it is an upbeat movie about family. It is based on the book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis, which centers around the life of Michael Oher. Michael was always called “Big Mike” growing up. He is living on his own because his mother was not able to take care of him and ran away from his foster home. Big Mike attends a nice school on an athletic scholarship but is still homeless. Leigh Anne, another student’s mother, notices this and asks Big Mike to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her family. Big Mike slowly becomes a part of their family and goes through ups and downs with their help. It came out in 2009 and is two hours and nine minutes long. You can watch it by paying for it on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Youtube.

5. “Tower Heist”

“Tower Heist” is also not a traditional Thanksgiving movie, but it is fun for the comedy and action lovers. Much of this movie’s scenes are set during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where the movie’s leads, played by Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, must steal a car made out of gold while using the parade as a distraction. This movie is more suitable for teenagers, but is still a great Thanksgiving watch. 


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