This Halloween will truly be one like no other and not just because it is on a blue moon Saturday. While earlier this year many people may have believed Covid-19 would be gone by the time Halloween 2020 rolled around, the virus is still a threat and should be taken seriously when planning for ways to celebrate the holiday. There are a variety of activities going on this time of year, so it is essential to establish safe ways to still celebrate Halloween. 

For those looking to trick-or-treat, it is necessary to follow some safety precautions. Masks should be worn throughout the night, even if they clash with a costume. In fact, this Halloween is a perfect opportunity for people to get creative and find fun ways to incorporate masks into their Halloween costumes. Trick-or-treaters should also avoid travelling in large groups or compact spaces such as cars or trucks. Likewise, it is important for kids and groups to remain socially distanced from one another, especially when waiting in line for candy!

Trick-or-treaters should not be the only ones who are cautious and alert. People who plan to hand out candy should also provide ways to keep kids who are trick-or-treating safe. For those who like to give out candy themselves, it is vital to keep hands washed and sanitized. On the other hand, those who let trick-or-treaters pick their candy out of a bowl should strongly encourage the kids to only touch the candy they want. To avoid this all together, the CDC recommends that kids should be given the option to take a prepackaged goodie bag with their candy inside. 

Halloween parties are a tradition for many people, but with Covid-19 still a hazard, it is extremely important to take caution when attending gatherings. All party hosts should take responsibility in ensuring that guests stay six feet apart, keep their masks on and that food is handled carefully. If possible, all parties should occur in an outside space to limit the possibility of enclosed airborne germs.

Truly celebrating Halloween does not require trick-or-treating or going to parties, however. The holiday can still be enjoyed in the safety of one’s home as well. Those looking to limit any kind of public contact on Halloween night have a variety of fun seasonal at-home activities to participate in, whether it be with friends or family. Pumpkin-carving, baking Halloween cookies, jamming to spooky music and indulging in a bowl of Halloween candy are all safe and entertaining ways to festively celebrate. For those who are feeling especially brave, there are plenty of horror/Halloween movies to watch and enjoy!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their own list of Halloween activities, all divided into three categories: low-risk, moderate risk and high risk. Low-risk activities include virtual costume contests, socially distanced scavenger hunts and scary movie marathons. Trick-or-treating is classified as a moderate-risk activity but can be safe as long precautions are taken. Activities in the high-risk category, such as haunted houses and indoor parties should be avoided at all costs.

Halloween is one of the most special times of the year, and it is understandable why people may be frustrated with the limits and cancelations of festivities brought about by the pandemic. No matter how fun a seasonal activity may be, however, it is not worth risking one’s health and safety. It is of the utmost importance to keep oneself and others healthy this year, especially since this is a holiday many children participate in. By following the guidelines given by the CDC and guaranteeing a secure environment, this Halloween will surely be filled with both safety and spooks!