The Covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary for us to protect ourselves and others through new many new safety procedures. Since August 17th, 36 states in the U.S. require you to wear a mask in public. If you have been struggling to find a safe and comfortable mask to wear, this list has the most comfortable, affordable and protective masks for you.

  1. SfAVEreak Face Mask 

These disposable face masks are some of the most comfortable masks out there. They are commonly used for work, congested areas and sports. The SfAVEreak mask has three layers to stop bacteria from coming in and out. It also allows you to breathe easier than most masks allow. On Amazon, you can buy a pack of 50 for $10. It also includes a nose clip to shape the mask around your nose. After use, you dispose of the mask and use a new one for the next trip. 

  1. HUHETA Face Mask 

The HUHETA face mask is specifically designed for filtering out bad particles, like dust. It has five layers of protection. The material is made up of nylon mesh, which allows you to wash the mask and reuse it multiple times. This mask is ideal for high intensity activities like running. It has a strap in the back allowing the mask to stay secure on your face as well as a nose clip to prevent your glasses from fogging up. It also comes with four changeable filters. You can find this on Amazon for $12.99

  1. Athleta Face Mask

The Athleta Made to Move mask is made out of cloth, but is still very breathable and comfortable. It comes in multiple colors and has an adjustable ear strap to fit your face. The mask is washable and reusable. These masks are not quite as protective as a medical mask, but they provide comfort and style. These are mainly made for women and girls. You can buy a pack of 3 for $25.00 on Athleta’s website.

  1. Old Navy Variety 5 Pack

Old Navy Variety 5 Pack of masks are made of completely cotton. It is a triple layer protection mask with great comfort. It is not the best mask for sports and any highly intense tasks, but it is great for non-active wear. It also comes in multiple designs to go with your daily outfit. One recommendation is to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth when wearing this mask. It makes breathing through this mask much more pleasant, especially during workouts. On Old Navy’s website, you can buy this for $12.50.

  1. Banana Republic Mask

This mask is made of nylon and polyester. It has adjustable elastic ear straps to help size your face while allowing it to be breathable. This mask is great for people with glasses because it has a wire at the nose allowing it to fit snugly and prevents it from fogging up. They are made with a multi-layer design, but they are not as protective as the standard medical mask. They are washable and reusable, and the mask comes in different colors. The Banana Republic Mask can be found on their website; it is $25.00 for a pack of 3 masks. It may be expensive, but it is reusable so it is more cost effective in the long run than disposable masks. 

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