Since the early 2000s, society has been making more and more technological advances. In 2007, the first iPhone was released by Apple, and as of Jun. 12, 2019, 81% of Americans own smartphones. Today, the major advances in technology have led to the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) like Siri, Alexa and other automated assistant systems. Siri is an assistant on the iPhone that helps you with tasks on your device when asked, and Alexa is a voice activated assistant sold by Amazon that has a variety of features in home assistance. While it may seem convenient to have these devices at your fingertips, artificial intelligence is dangerous because of its ability to record data at all times and use this information at the expense of the device’s owner.

Many movies have a plot where artificial intelligence takes over the world, including “The Terminator”, and while AI has not reached a life-threatening point, it is still advancing rapidly. In 2018, the market for artificial intelligence was valued at 21.46 billion U.S. dollars, and it is predicted to be worth 190.61 billion by 2025. 

Have you ever noticed your phone manipulating you into staying on it? Artificial intelligence has the capability to use your information to encourage future decisions through tracking your search history on Google, likes on Instagram, where you travel and much more. Apps use the data they gain to make more profit, and AI collects the data, then rearranges the feed or gallery to more things you have shown interest in. Artificial intelligence influences and manipulates the user to keep using their phones through notifications, ads and recommendations on certain apps.

Privacy is a natural concern to people. As time goes on, privacy has been reduced substantially due to AI and social media because it constantly tracks what you do. Your phone tracks your every moment through AI. Apps such as Life 360 or Find My monitor your location and constantly report it to family or friends. Google’s AI tracks what you search to recommend advertisements and what to search next, resulting in Google making over $110 billion from advertising every year. A lot of newer cars produced today also track where you go, your speed and even how hard you brake. Toyotas have AI that keeps data on your vehicle and uses all the data collected to evaluate your car when it is being serviced.

Now that AI is seen everywhere, it is hard to deny its benefits as well. It does a lot of the hard work for us, and it is available 24/7. Artificial intelligence ultimately makes life easier. Cars and planes are able to pilot themselves, machines can mass produce items and Siri can help the user with any question asked. Many businesses today use AI to make more profit. Altogether, AI is fast, smart and efficient, providing new opportunities for the world. But, as AI becomes a bigger factor in the economy and our daily lives, it can have negative effects on job opportunities. In the United States, it is predicted that 38% of jobs will be automated by AI by 2030. With planes being about to fly themselves, there will be no need for human pilots. Productions of cars and other mass produced items will no longer require labor from men and women because AI does it for them, as it will essentially start taking over jobs and lives.

The best way to stop supporting the advancement or involvement of AI in people’s lives is to take small steps to prevent devices from tracking information and avoid supporting big businesses that use AI. If you do not want your phone tracking location, you can turn it off in the settings by either turning off location completely or choosing to allow certain apps to have access to location services. Avoiding the usage of technology that is known to record and track information, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri, can also help make sure your devices are not suggesting or listening to things without your permission. Due to the growing capabilities of AI in the economy and people’s individual lives, it is important to try to limit the usage of your phones and spend more time with family or on a hobby.

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