Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, television has been put in an unexpected and unprecedented situation. TV shows have had to adjust to the same regulations that have become our new normal. Although television is far less of a concern compared to the fight against COVID-19, people find themselves relying on it to keep them entertained through the boredom brought from being in quarantine. Whether it is reality tv, late night shows or ESPN, a few shows have found their own unique ways to reinvent themselves for their viewers. 

“The Bachelorette” was one of the first TV shows to find a solution as to how they were going to film their upcoming season despite the disruption of the coronavirus. Creating a bubble atmosphere, contestants and crew of the show were given a mandatory quarantine in order to be allowed onto production. Due to the necessary protocol to keep everyone safe, the show left behind the well known Bachelor Mansion and found a new location to film. Filming is now taking place at the La Quinta Resort & Club in California for the entirety of the season to ensure that there is enough space for the bachelorette to meet her men without being too close to the outside world. Despite the fact they will not be traveling to exotic locations this season, the excitement of the pandemic should be enough to entertain viewers. 

Late night talk shows have also adapted well to the unusual situation brought on by COVID-19. Like many Americans, late night hosts have had to transition into a work-from-home lifestyle. Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, James Cordon, Trevor Noah and Conan O’Brien are somef show hosts who have created a production from their own home. Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” redesigned the layout of his show. He used Zoom as a way to interview celebrities. His family was also incorporated into the show; his wife served as the camera woman, while his two little girls made guest appearances. Fallon, along with O’Brien, Cordon, Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers have now returned back to their studios for filming. Not everything is back to normal yet though, as there is still no live audience allowed at the studios. 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has returned on ESPN, but this time in a bubble. In order for the season to resume, many safety protocols were put into place. 22 teams were quarantined in Orlando, Florida and have to follow an extensive health and safety manual which controls their lives within the bubble. Players from each team have been placed in one of the three Disney resorts that the NBA has rented out. The players are being strictly monitored and are not allowed to leave the resort, other than for a few reasonable exceptions. For the season to continue without any more interruptions, like a COVID-19 outbreak amongst the teams, the NBA has created mandatory testing protocols for all of the players. Throughout this experiment, players have complained that their family members and loved ones are unable to join the bubble. Therefore, the NBA allowed players to have guests, but within the stringent requirements. All guests have been required to do their own quarantine in the Orlando area while following the same safety protocols as the players. Because the bubble does not allow fans in the arena, everyone else has had to watch solely from their televisions. NBA fans watching from home are hoping for a successful bubble experiment that can pull off the end to the 2020 playoffs. 

Despite the current state of the world, these television shows have successfully adapted to their circumstances. Viewers have been provided the entertainment they once had feared they would no longer receive. Although some shows have been indefinitely postponed, “The Bachelorette”, late night talk shows and the NBA have all found creative ways to continue through the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, the pandemic won’t continue much longer, and other shows can continue on or resume back to normal.