The days of drive-ins and leaving your house for those desirable warm french fries and savory ice cream are long gone. The Grubhub age is here. From your average time-repressed runners and too-lazy-to-cook-dinner people, Grubhub is the perfect remedy for your ailments.

Grubhub has revolutionized take-out and changed the restaurant-eating business. 

They offer a variety of options to satisfy your hunger when you don’t have the time or motivation to cook. 

When you are short on time, you can use the rush feature, where you can pay to have your food there quicker. Grubhub also offers advance ordering for your pre-planning needs. 

“Coming home from horseback practice late in the afternoons, I am always so hungry and Grubhub makes it easy and fast,” said sophomore Annabel James. “They are definitely my favorite delivery service out there.” 

Since 2014, Grubhub has increased an estimate of two hundred and eighty percent in users from 5.029 million users to a now an active 19.3 million diners. 

Part of Grubhub’s success is due to the fact that they are in small towns and cities unlike other competing companies, such as Uber Eats and Postmates, that focus on big cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

The company reaches a broader demographic as a result of its support of large-scale, big chain restaurants and small local establishments. Tallahassee has adopted this method of business by implementing a range of restaurants such as small local spots like 3 Natives to large corporations like Panera Bread and Zaxby’s. 

Grubhub also has great employee benefits. Employees receive quality insurance, flex spending accounts and a retirement plan. In addition, they receive restricted stock units. Additionally, Grubhub’s minimum wage is $12 an hour beating the average US minimum wage by $4.50 an hour. 

Critics of Grubhub, such as Tribeca Citizen, deem the food service app as inefficient  due to the fees that they offer. These fees are the cost of convenience for the 324,000 meals that Grubhub conveniently delivers each day. 

Moreover, in order to equally and ethically compensate the 2,772 employees that work for Grubhub the fees must exist. After all, employee satisfaction is a crucial component of keeping a company running and thriving. 

It is evident Grubhub is a prime option for food delivery services. Grubhub satisfies the needs of everyone that requires food despite their busy schedules and lives. The delivery business offers a service that has revolutionized modern day food and is a millennial’s dream come true. GrubHub is undoubtedly the market for lifestyle in the future.