“Lights Up,” Harry Styles’ new single, has racked up 47 million plays on Spotify alone in two weeks. On October 11, 2019, he released a playlist on Spotify, that included his new song, “Lights Up,” and included all of his old songs from his debut solo album, Harry Styles. Very few artists use the technique of taking songs from a past album for a new album unless it is a ‘best hits’ album or an album that includes singles that were released separately or with the announcement of the album. 

Many fans and critics guessed that with the release of the playlist with new singles that this could be hyping up a second solo album. The new album could have his new songs from this playlist, “Lights Up,” and new songs to complete the album. On October 24, Styles posted a photo saying “Nov. 16 Harry Styles Harry Styles,”on sticky notes, a clue that has fans speculating that his Harry Styles 2 album will be released then. 

On Spotify, his song “Lights Up” has 47 million plays, “Two Ghosts” has 104 million plays, From the “Dining Table” has 75 million plays, “Meet Me in the Hallway” has 67 million plays, and “Woman” has 60 million plays after one week of the playlist’s release. The playlist has been able to promote his old songs which before the playlist’s release were not as popular.

In the playlist, his singles follow the same folk/rock and pop genre of music he has produced as a solo artist. The style of the playlist flows as his old songs relate lyrically and tune-wise to his new songs.The beats per minute for the new songs ranges from 60 beats to 140 beats which holds the same as the last album. 

In “Meet Me in the Hallway,” the song is slower and sadder lyrically but still relates to his other songs with the guitar being played in the background. The song “From the Dining Table” changes from one vocal and guitar to violins and an echoed effect that works as a bridge to the song. In the song, “Woman,” he uses a person talking as the introduction for the song and then starts it off with piano, drums, and guitars to lead off for his vocals. Guitars of different tones and ranges are used throughout the playlist giving each song a new feeling and tune, while also creating a continuity that the listener can enjoy throughout the playlist.

The new songs are great to listen to in the car or while doing homework because they are not heavy on vocals which could be distracting. The songs are soft as they use instruments that use more mid and bass rather than treble which provides a steady sound for the playlist. The playlist orders the songs with the most upbeat and fast-paced songs in the middle such as “Only Angel” and “Kiwi” being the loudest and more fast-paced than the rest of the playlist. 

Although the new releases are not different from his last solo album’s genre and feel, he experiments with new techniques such as echoing and new instruments that allow the listener to experience something new than from his last album. It will be interesting to hear how his next album, whenever it’s released, will continue his signature style and also explores new elements.